A Nia-accredited somatic journey of self-discovery and connection with horses in Tuscany, Italy at charming Tuscan horse farm

Deepen your self-awareness and sharpen your communication and leadership skills using the ancient bond we have with horses.  Nia & Horses Training is a three-day immersive experience that teaches you to explore physical sensation and move in harmony with a well-trained, gentle horse partner on the ground.

Each day begins with an energizing Nia exercise class designed to stimulate your sensory awareness, creative expression, and sense of play.  You’ll release tension and get moving. From this place of positive self-relationship, you’ll begin your somatic horse education, learning safety principles in preparation to meet the horses. Next, you’ll explore horse grooming rituals and ground "play" through a series of playful and energetic exercises with the other participants and the horses.  These activities are enhanced using the sounds of nature and music.

Throughout each day, you’ll enjoy a variety of creative sessions, movement meditations and artistic exercises that will inspire you to energetically self-connect to your true nature, moment-to-moment.  You’ll learn to make safe choices when directing your own energy and, ultimately, you’ll connect, blend with, and lead your horse partner’s energy.  You’ll hone your human collaboration skills too by working in ‘sacred herds’ - small teams of people with a horse – as you learn to dance together with your horse.

Why horses?
Horses sense when you are present in your body. They relax noticeably and are more willing to give the leadership role over to you when you are connected through sensation. No words are necessary. You’ll feel and sense the connection. Through rhythmic timing, and by positively directing your energy using Nia’s tools, you’ll develop subtle physical and mental communication cues. Horses give instant feed-back on your communication style. They will sync up with and learn to "read you" when you’re on the ground with them. This exchange can give us valuable insight into our inter-personal relationships. For equestrians, these tools also translate in the saddle. This is when we truly begin to create a lovely and magical partnership and dance with a horse.

Who can enroll?
This unique and dynamic educational retreat is open to everybody interested in restoring their natural state of wholeness through somatic connection, the art of listening, creativity, energetic awareness, and non-verbal communication.

Notes About this Training

Enjoy your Nia & Horses Retreat at Le Costarelle, a several hundred year old charming Tuscan farm located in the beautiful foothills of the Apennine Mountains of Tuscany. It is about one hour north of Florence in a rustic and non-cultivated part of Tuscany, near the small village Firenzuola.The surrounding mountains are perfect for hiking trips, mountain biking or horse back riding.

The farm has three four-bedroom apartments with shared baths and and ‘The Barn’ a multi-functional room, for seminars, Nia and Yoga, workshops and parties. Behind the farmhouse is a big field with high oaks, places to rest and a lot of space to be lazy, to read, play or work or enjoy the sun. There are five well-trained horses, dogs, cats and chickens for your daily fresh eggs.

Each day of the retreat you will enjoy a substantial homemade brunch with homemade bread and every evening a traditional Tuscan dinner will be prepared for you with wine and organic vegetables from the farm’s garden and surrounding farms.

Food and lodging for the retreat is 60 EURO per day ($75 USD) paid in advance to reserve your stay. This is separate from the registration fee. Reservations for your food and lodging can be handled by contacting Randee Fox randeefox@gmail.comafter you register for the retreat.

Coordinator Information

Event Coordinator: Kristin Gasser

Contact Information
Email address: kristin@nia-now.at
Phone: +43-660- 344 08 68

Location Name: Le Costarelle
Location Website: http://www.lecostarelle.info

Location Address: Via Puligno-Migliarino 140, 50033 Firenzuola, Italy

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Friday, September 11, 2015 - 08:00 to Sunday, September 13, 2015 - 18:00
Le Costarelle
Via Puligno Migliarino, 140B,
50033 Florence
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