Naughty and Nice Nia!

Saturday, March 10, 2018 - 18:00 to 20:00
Move2Center Studio
3618 SW Alaska Street. Lower Level (Entrance on 37th Ave.)
98126 Seattle , WA

Jill Pagano originated the first "Naughty and Nice" event in 2009. "Isn't it time you got a little naughty?"  she asked her Nia students. Hers was an invitation to daring and joy, with a simple proposal: put way the exercise wear and strut our stuff in lingerie, nighties, evening wear, whatever made us feel sexy and beautiful.

"Now ladies, there is a time to play it safe-- taking Nia class in your gorgeous lingerie is NOT one of them!" she wrote. "I know dancing in your sexy nighties and such is a little unnerving, a little 'out of the box' shall we say.
That's why we are doing it and exactly the reason you'll never forget the feeling of doing it! Vavoom!"

She was right. That night, women flocked to a private, velvet-walled cocoon that she created at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center dressed in lingerie, gloves, boas, whatever made us feel beautiful. Together, we celebrated the gift of our beauty, supporting each other in a celebratory, body-affirming environment. It was paradigm shifting in a HUGE way, incredibly empowering and profoundly healing. That was nine years ago.

Now, we have our own comfortable, perfectly secluded space...and we're resurrecting "Naughty and Nice" again!

The new "Naughty and Nice" takes place Saturday, March 10 at 6 p.m. at Move2Center Studio. We're already cooking up some playlist ideas...a little Prince, some PJ Harvey, maybe even a musical cameo from RuPaul? It's going to be wild and fabulous, just like you!

Please note: This is an event for women only. Be sure to get there on time -- to keep things private, we'll be locking the doors by 6:15pm or 6:20pm.

Admission for this special fundraising event is $20.

Reserve your spot by clicking here -- this one's going to fill up!

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See (more of) ya there!!!!